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Newbury & District Gardeners’ Association

The local association  for anyone with an interest in gardening or gardens

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Founded 1910.
Helping local gardeners for over 100 years.


Membership is free. You pay only when you attend meetings.

How to Join

Read our Membership and Data Protection Policies  (See below)

Send  an email to  membership@newburygardeners.org.uk

Include your name and address and phone number (optional) and  line stating that your accept our Membership and our Data Protection policies (eg. ‘ I  have read and accept the Associations’ membership and data protection policies.’ )

You will  added to our email membership list.

Membership - Terms and Condition (Policy)

We require your name, address and your email address if you have one*. Phone number optional.

Your membership will cease if we are unable to contact you after taking reasonable steps to do so.

You must accept our data protection policy. We reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time.

Data Protection Policy

We hold your information on a password protected computer. Our policy is to use your contact details to inform you of Newbury Gardeners’ events or other news which we think will be of interest to you. This will usually be gardening related,  but could possibly include information on other matters where we think it will be of  benefit to you – for example if we have negotiated a special concession for members, whether gardening related or not. We will normally only phone you if other means of contact fail.

We will not pass your details on to any other organisation. However, if you are on email we may use group emails to contact you, so your email address will be available to other members. You must only use this information to contact other members regarding the Association’s activities. If you feel you have information which would be of general interest please email the Membership Secretary who will circulate it to the membership if considered appropriate.

* We run the group mainly by email and do not have the resources to post out material. If you are not on email then we welcome your membership, but would ask that you phone 01635 42190 to find out about our events. Also please phone to check that the event you are interested in is going ahead and to find out about any last minute changes.